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To be frank our 10-day Training was amazing and we enjoyed learning from Runwal sir. These 10 days were those days when you return home with 100% satisfaction.
Atharv Phadke
Pillai College of Engineering, Data Analyst, Mumbai
It was very nice learning with Rohit Runwal Sir. What maybe we could not have learnt in 4 months we learnt that in 4 days of workshop and has turned best version of ourselves. Rohit Sir was a an excellent mentor. Thank You for everything!
Ebrahim D
Software Developer | VIT, pune
Thank you sir had a great time with you and yourtrainings were amazing and will definitely help us in not only professional life but in personal life too.
Sanskruti P
Vishwakarma Univ, Pune

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2-Days Aptitude Free Challenge in 2024 by MAD LEARNING

2-Days Aptitude Free Challenge in 2024 by MAD LEARNING Are you gearing up for upcoming campus placements and competitive exams preparation in 2024?  Looking to master the art of aptitude…

A Comprehensive Guide to TCS NQT Exam 2024 with MAD LEARNING

A Comprehensive Guide to TCS NQT Exam 2024 with MAD LEARNING

Login Courses A Comprehensive Guide on TCS NQT 2024 by MAD LEARNING Are you gearing up for the TCS NQT Exam in 2024? As one of the most sought-after recruitment…


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Date: 6th-7th Feb, 2024

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