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Batch 1
6th - 7th Jan, 2024

Saturday : 7 pm, Sunday : 11 am

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Campus Placement preparation bootcamp

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Aptitude is not about getting the right answer...
It is all aboit getting the right answer quickly !

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What You will learn

Know the module details in the challenge

Modulo 01

Gain a comprehensive understanding of aptitude basics and create good foundation.

Modulo 02

Explore the Learning Path, a systematic approach to skill development & placement prep

Modulo 05

Assess your current aptitude quotient through mock test. Identify strength and weakness.

Modulo 03
Goal Setting & Strategy

Learn effective goal-setting techniques for personalized success. Plan your Journey!

Modulo 04
Success Kit & Bonus

Receive exclusive resources and tools for accelerated learning. Get your surprize bonuses

Modulo 06
Placement Bootcamp

An immersive program designed to refine your skills and prepare for the campus placements.

Student Success Stories!

To be frank our 10-day Training was amazing and we enjoyed learning from Runwal sir. These 10 days were those days when you return home with 100% satisfaction.
Atharv Phadke
Pillai College of Engineering, Data Analyst, Mumbai
It was very nice learning with Rohit Runwal Sir. What maybe we could not have learnt in 4 months we learnt that in 4 days of workshop and has turned best version of ourselves. Rohit Sir was a an excellent mentor. Thank You for everything!
Ebrahim D
Software Developer | VIT, pune
Thank you sir had a great time with you and your tips and tricks were amazing and will definitely help us in not only professional life but in personal life too.
Sanskruti P
Vishwakarma Univ, Pune

Get Ready for the
Campus Placement preparation bootcamp

2-days Aptitude challenge


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Make New Year 2024 Special

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Batch 1
6th - 7th Jan, 2024

Saturday : 7 pm, Sunday : 11 am

Certificate to all participants!


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Frequently asked questions

The workshop is conducted online on Zoom, it has some sessions live amd some are recorded to be completed as daily tasks. The power pack sessions have daily modules covering key aspects of aptitude preparation. Each day includes engaging sessions, interactive discussions, and tasks to reinforce your learning.

Upon enrollment, you’ll receive access details for our online platform. Also you will be added in WhatsApp Group. All workshop materials, including videos, resources, and tasks, will be conveniently accessible from this platform.

No, participation in the 2-Days Aptitude Challenge is free of charge. It’s a valuable opportunity for you to kickstart your aptitude preparation and experience the quality of our offerings.

Absolutely! The workshop includes interactive elements, allowing you to engage with both instructors and fellow participants. Discussions, Q&A sessions, and collaborative activities are integral to the learning experience.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of participation. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to our Campus Placements Bootcamp—an advanced program to further enhance your aptitude skills and prepare for placement exams.

To maximize your experience, actively participate in all sessions, engage in discussions, complete assigned tasks, and take notes. Leverage the opportunity to clarify doubts and seek guidance from instructors.


Campus Placement Preparation Bootcamp

Certificate to all participants.
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Batch 1
6th - 7th Jan, 2024

Saturday : 7 pm, Sunday : 11 am

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