5 Campus Placement Tips

1. Make a one-page resume

Your resume is a window to present yourself briefly. It should contain bold headlines highlighting your key academic achievements and highlights of your extra-curricular activities. Frame a crisp intro and keep your CV short preferably lasting for one-two pages.

In an interview, you explain the points you have mentioned in the resume and this defines your communication skills in the first two minutes. Your resume should not exceed two pages, however one page is ideal. Companies don’t need your autobiography

A crisp resume with all the necessary details about your professional experience till date is very effective. Try to picture in mind the success story, which you have mentioned in the resume and you are going to tell at the interview.“Recruiters are not interested in your auto-biography but in you and in the value you can add to the organization. Don’t write something that you don’t understand. You should be always clear that you are the one who deserve this job,” says Aparna Saraagi, Vice-President, RBS.

2. Research on interviewer and organisation

It always helps you to know about the interviewer and the company before appearing for a job interview as it helps in figuring out some of the expected questions that can be asked during the interview.

After entering the interview hall, candidates do some common mistakes. It’s better to list out those mistakes and beware of them during interview.

Be yourself, make eye-contact with your interviewers and always follow your values. Be truthful, honest and humble but make sure your humanity should not be mistaken as quietness. Don’t be aggressive.

Other common mistakes committed by candidates during job interview include chewing pencils, nervousness, being casual etc. Experts suggest that you should not be overconfident while sitting before the interviewers.

4. Right body language, proper dress

Body Language: Right body language and formal dress code always get plus points for you. You are going to be tested not only for what you know about your area of expertise but also on how you present yourself at the interview.

Meet the interviewers warmly. It’s good and appreciable if you offer a strong handshake to them. Strong handshake shows warmth and enthusiasm. Experts advise candidates to look like a mature person. Being a little imperfect is not bad. After all, nobody is perfect. Smile on your face reflects a charming personality.

Do mature things. It’s okay to be imperfect. At least wear a smile on your face, be well dressed, be straight forward and do your basics correct.

Dressing sense: Formal dress code is recommended for a job interview but there is no need to wear a nice suit and tie which you don’t own.

Content is more important, however, you cannot negate presentation. Your dressing sense is a part of your presentation.

5. Show interest and mutual commitment

During the interview, show your interest in the job that you are going to be assigned if you get selected. It should be reflected on the interviewer that your job priorities are not going to change very soon. Don’t go for temporary plans, otherwise many resources exploited by the organization during job interview are wasted, and also the candidate loses your goodwill.

April 11, 2020

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